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Dear pilots,
today we are rolling out the first update for our flight software. As you have probably already noticed, the profitability of our airline is more comparable to the GDR ;). As of today, the financial parameters are being roughly adjusted, the fine-tuning will then probably take place in a further update. In general, we ask all pilots to contact us if they have any questions.

Detailed list of changes:
Salary of pilots
(measured in € per h)
Trainee - 19,00€ [ARCAS] - 15,00€ [Manual PIREP]
Flight Engineer - 23,00€ [ARCAS] - 20,00€ [Manual PIREP].
CoPilot - 27,00€ [ARCAS] - 25,00€ [Manual PIREP]
Pilot - 35,00€ [ARCAS] - 31,00€ [Manual PIREP]
The salary of pilots may vary by a maximum of 5€ depending on the age of the aircraft. (An older aircraft needs more experience and skills, therefore the salary is higher for one of these flights. If you fly a totally modern aircraft, you may earn one or two euros less per hour, as the computer takes more of the work away).

Fixed costs:
(Name of fixed costs - changed to)
Catering on Board - 190€
Multimedia Operating Cost - 85€
Crew Meals - 47€
Cleaning Aircraft - 32€
Maintenance - 725€
In general, it can be said that the catering is adapted to the specific aircraft, but the catering is the same on every aircraft. In older aircraft the Wifi / Multimedia Operating System is somewhat cheaper, as the technology is older. On more modern aircraft, the system is more expensive. Maintaining an older aircraft is more expensive than maintaining a modern aircraft. Cleaning a modern aircraft is more costly than an old one.
In the grand scheme of things, the costs above are to be understood as "general", but the variations are not greater than 10€.

Ticket prices:
Ticket prices have been adjusted in principle and specifically to all aircraft. Regiojets no longer offer business class tickets! In the second patch, the ticket prices will also be adjusted more specifically to the routes.

Some awards have been added! You'll have to find out for yourself which ones they are, but it should be noted that not every award can be acquired by every member.

 You can look forward to further changes. Important changes will be published here!